If You Don’t Have Anything Good To Write…

Producing a product of value

Producing a product of value

…Don’t write anything at all.

Blogging is great.

Ideas are great.

Sharing those ideas is even better!

In Seth Godin’s book Poke The Box he says “Intellectual integrity goes beyond being clever-it requires that you put your ideas into the world.”

It’s your responsibility to share your valuable thoughts and ideas with the world. Otherwise, your creativity is nothing but selfish ambition.

However, in the sport of blogging, we often find people meeting quotas rather than publishing valuable material. If you want your blog or any other creative endeavor to gain traction there must be a level of integrity and honesty behind it. After all, we’re writing to give people something worth reading aren’t we?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when producing a product?

Will this teach someone?

Will this encourage someone?

Will this make someone laugh?

Will this challenge somebody?

As you create, make it a point to create something of value…to anybody. Even if it’s just a few.

Don’t give into the pressure of posting something everyday for the sake of “being consistent”. Don’t flood “The Internets” with junk. There is plenty of that to go around.

Question: What are some other questions we should ask ourselves before tossing an idea into the world?