How to get the most out of your Christmas gifts


Christmas gifts are an interesting thing. It’s the one time a year we are expected to give someone a gift in honor of them doing absolutely nothing to earn it.

“Hey you graduated, here’s a necklace!” “Hey you went another year without dying, here’s a watch!” That’s understandable.

This is why it makes complete sense to buy a “Boomerang Gift” this year. Yes, I just coined that term. A Boomerang Gift is one that is guaranteed to gyrate right back into your own life so you may also reap the benefits. If you’re going to give somebody an undeserved gift you might as well get something out of it also. Here are a few ideas:

Find a friend who likes going to the movies with you and buy them a gift card to the theater. They will have no choice but to take you along when they inevitably use your Boomerang Gift. Just be sure to pick the least popular friend. This will ensure your spot in that comfy seat and a box of Sour Patch Kids in your hand.

Ladies, now is the perfect time to buy your man that grill he’s been wanting. Fork over a little cash now and enjoy the juicy, tender rewards for years to come. No man has ever responded with a “no thanks” at the chance to throw some meat on the grill. Your carnivorous needs will be met with a smile that says “She really gets me”.

Parents, do the right thing and buy your kid a popcorn machine.

“You mean I can make my OWN popcorn now?!”

“You bet son, but you better get to practicing so you can master the art. I’ll be in the living room watching the game.”

You’d be surprised at just how much popcorn you can fit in your stomach.

I hope these tips were helpful in getting the most out of your gifts this year. I mean, if you’re going to drop some dough, you might as well enjoy it too. It’s like getting a 50% discount on all your purchases. Talk about a great deal!

Question: What are some other great Boomerang Gift ideas?